“express mono please” by a female voice expressed that in real time (when posted) DaDa Life and we golf and fight err whatever. Revisited: I will edit this, forgive me for the sin of anger on this website in total. I ridicule satan, anti christ (sp) system and old whore and all that satanism OFTEN, and 3 gang stalkers assigned to me still live while playing both sides called for their death. #NoLove


When this happened I seriously thought I was going to get mono-nucleosis (sp) again, got a skin infection at the same time this was going on. You can get mono only once, I got it running for student body president as a write it at 20-21 in ’99-’00 while my grandma was dying, still won the election. Newsweek picked up the story and it wasn’t too later satan systems found me, way out on the west coast. I think she meant another kind of mono.  I’m an aspiring Buddhist Arhut going back out the black swiss cheese holes I can in through, as we all did at some point in time IMHO. That’s where we are from, we just get memory wiped and are forced to forget, kept infant on the satanism orb, Earth.

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