#OrPol #WarCrimes @cia @fbi @potus Redmond #Oregon Timothy Darrell Young B.S. MPA nano slave Abuse log: I am being exterminated, same with Billy when he is himself. He might be reptilian sometimes. They get high off our suffering.

Almost every morning for 14 years since I was gang stalked, poisoned with #rnm to become a nano slave with no intellectual property rights right off the state board of higher education, project mockingbird’d briefly back then, driven crazy for being a polotical dissodent I get psi op voices right in the morning to torture me. By appearance satan of the U.S. Psychological Operations divisions ect has set up cointel pro satanism, infected animals, a roommate that get switched out with a reptilian that is sure to make phone calls to spin a lie about me being a part of going to the 4th area around the 3 dimensions (hell). I don’t human traffic I am human trafficed. I’m a slave, and they are paid in money sex drugs and if you are infecting, which I can’t stop them from doing, you get paid in infected people to harm me. # wistleblower with no protection 

They are trying to design a suicide, lost reproduction rights many years ago as a Targeted Individual. A homeless suicide is the goal of all the federal natzi forces, for us targeted individuals, they are psi op cowards, well spoke liars, those on the side of these war crimes, voices not just in our heads, devils, reptilian. There are so many things I don’t know. Bill the sometimes reptilian form or the real one sometimes, my roommate most of the time, watches television. Its a doorway to hell! I want it out of the house, he keeps it in his room, the signal for it to the voice to skull and rnm from the NSA satanism headquarters, works plugged or unplugged to my body and the penal gland feeding they do is very painful. When he is himself he has been hearing voices and even homeless at times for 14 years. Bill is another targeted individual, appears as mental illnesses but it’s bloody Gina from the cia same plot to enslave every man woman and child. I am being mimiced by the reptilian. They never were and are not good. Bush & I are kin in the VERY distant ways, not the reptilian and I, the 4th graders, baby eaters, may be stealing people for there. This is NSA and reptilian and USA satanism, it’s not god and duh, obviously I never was. Never come to Redmond, Oregon to visit. We need a direct energy weapons ban. For 5 years I have been rnm lower body attacked common in men later in years deep thought news analysis of older men. These are psi ops set to kill me with words. The feds and what not made me a nano slave out of grad school after being on the state Board of higher education.

 I’m being exterminated, by parasites. My blood line from here to the white house ends with me, because of the feds! It’s natzi satanism cheesy psi ops tricks, gang stalkers and torture, 14 years long. I don’t lie but get bad info, that much is true and you don’t want get into the 4th hell with reptilian, I get off and out earth is my plan. I am bio hacked its some of the worst crime. Oh and I don’t commit crime get high off your suffering human traffic or damn anyone ever, at all. I am stalked by evil. And it’s a drain. I can’t save you but have a few ideas on how you can save you. It’s 11:32. My prostate is still being attacked and v2k set to kill, just like every day more of less for 14 years and there is no saved. I am being exterminated. Targeted Individuals barely live.