When you “Jesus the satan” and “satan the jesus” & I call a lie I was told (There is no other world), no one SAvEs

What they & I really are trying to says is #NutsAnDBolts no one saves.

THey need to go back to hell and stay there. They never admit to stealing “honor” which is so secondary to getting off earth, all of you and me. Many of those people were gang stakers lying they were from the future.

I am a nano slave. They steal thoughts themselves. Never come to Redmond and if you contact me as a TI they will make sure ww never meet, or will eat you. Possibly.

I Don’t want you MORE than you dont want me in this. And they are suckin’ devil’s dick all around. All the targeted indvidial does is suffer.

There is no other world and they know I know how to get out of here. I CAN’T save you. You love my satanic mimiic and misdirects of praise & blame. Mockingbird is world satan. Reptilan replace people around me all this time, this website has been blocked for like 6 months.