It was a lie I was told, you did not destroy your hope for another world, there was no other world. They have psi oped the whole farm, people and animals are cheap trick nano infested. Never come to #Redmond. Why u do no good? #FBI #CIA #NSA #OrPol #Oregon #Portland 

And know how to leave and how. Satan really does control the women and you are NOT wanted. They make sure of it trick in trillion dollar human trafficing ways. There will be No Christian Marriage and I can’t save you and even if there was another world none of you are coming. It’s not for mammal humans or reptilian. And it was a lie, I swear, now more seasoned in psi ops. I was lied to. 

The first website was never emulated. Go to blue oregon, find any texts there from what I have written. Put that text in a search engine. If an old copy of the first website existed it would show up, check the dark web. This is the only website. No one pays you to free the slaves and I can’t do a whole lot as just one targeted individual of maybe 500,000 in the USA alone. Never donate to that other site if it shows up, I get none of that currency, instead 24 – 7 suicide designing on me. And they needz to go back to help and stay there and NO I am not coming with.