Mockingbird won’t acknowledge the website (b/c it destroys their lies)

I’m being culled against and will leave earth is the plan. There are no woman and I will not marry them even if it means they all go to hell.

Talk to Iceland timmy and I’m Buddhist anyway. f u and it’s forever.

Iceland gonna supper saved ’em (sarcasm). I hate ’em, coast to coast. U fail. Never get tricked into going to hell for women or to save a child or even family members and the bardo moments of death are a sliver of a second the head lives a long time during the dying process, dinamite the whole organ to avoid reptlian misleading you to hell at moments of death. A gun won’t do. The whole head needs to be destroyed for the #rnm #v2k infected and otherwise. I’m never going to hell for anyone, let alone a woman who could not follow simple instructions and turn off their TVs. I’m not going with the psi op’d. It’s a lie.