Target Individuals, nano infected, on how to die.

​I can’t save you, the Buddha knew no one saved you but you.

I can’t even save myself. Got to buy dinamite to get the reptilian to shut up. A gun risks the nano infection misleading me at moments of death. A head blown clean off doesn’t. Hey TIs!

Avoid moon light after death, study star charts like to andomida Swiss cheese holes ect.

I’m being nano raped to suicide been going on for 5 years when I became a fake threat to every spiritual salver on the planet (there really was no other world). Oregon loves it! And I don’t want to bring it up about the marriage thing, that was the reptilian not Oregon. Instead of a marriage that will never work, they never sever the demonic attachment to me so I am gonna make exit plans. I wish I could save you, reptilian won’t let me.