On my way out.

There is no beyond eteral punishments, they just get rewarded for their satanism and I get eaten for disobeying.

What is killing me most is the lower body rnm attacks deep thought talked about in men. They have been attacking my prostate for 5 years with expressed intent to “degrade my dna”.

They never stopped the satanic topping, mimics, misdirects, nano thieving, disrespect, interupts, guilt by association, casting dispersio ns, devil rumoring, direct energy attacks, housing me with demons, satanic repwtaers, suggestors, designing a suicide and more & and I can’t save you and they never were God. That’s the point, these voices aren’t God and I never was.

14 years in hell on earth and I get eaten astrally is their plan for trying to free you. And you at never free and there was no other world and the feds will just cover up the website after I die.