They prevented the Christian marriage (likely again) f uk u forver tho, u must know by now, It’s beyond eternal. LAST time for me.

Likely the same two reptilian are taking human form off the property here like they did in Tualatin, stole all my honor anyway, even if a woman made it here and knew who I really was these two would surely eat her. Possibly have and I just haven’t noticed. That was the satanic suggest is woman were mislead to think to visit at night and “the neighbor” they are worshiping, from the tutalatin invasion would eat the woman, take an to 4 d cages, rape for an eterity. I’m the 2 year old never use the J word for this and the second Bush was my Anti Christ.

And no woman will come, they really will eat her and who visits at night? Meth heads? No thanks.