They want a no touch killing of me, they were always bad and make good people look bad, them reptilian..this small gang stalking gang and handler need to be shot back in 2018. They have been feeding off me for 14 years, I barely live. They take credit for all the good I do, never admirers me that it’s me that does the work. They are stealing whole people. I have seen too many mkultra slaves to feel ok about this whole thing.

They need to stop tech damning now and they satanic stage design they are going in the opposite direction. The moon has eclipsed the sun, decendants. If you are hearing voices still and seeing the visual garbage they pump in our brains I have failed, still, decendants especially those who like the jeffersonbobble.I am They are blocking this website pretty bad back in 2018. Old one I sunk, this will be better. Add the bs mpa and the state Board stuff and that is the Tim young I am. I have so many satanic mimics tho, it’s dangerous frankly.

As just another TI to the feds and reptilian they tactics and strategy to deny wife treasure and means to provide will be successful if I have these parasite around, at least 3 have been highly involved over these last 2 years of psi ops, I estimate there are 2,000 to 20,00o reptilian here. Parsites, one and all they really are. Folks may be worshiping them in my name in vain and deeds and rewards and getting lead to hell anyway. Slaves need to turn off their tvs back in 2018, they won’t. Cointelpro’d, me, bad. Shit, the governor may still know my first name in holy shit how does Oregon have 10 million people now? I was worried about the tuition, focused on things besides migration patternes. Hell broke loose.