As a ti I feed people that make people homeless that was accurately pointed out by those that use no name, don’t help, and use few words and are not just in my head.

It’s true through. Nazti, Jesus Satanism and at the same time my many satanic mimics and misdirected make my life more horrible and my suffering fuels negative energy penal gland illegal access to me bio hackers some from other planes or frequencies or that’s all crimes against creation too. There are shoes issues and leathered kingom issues and both are hella tricky. War and voices and visuals and bio hacks is at least double hell and if those super humans were real chemical warfare gets worse to catch the truely quick, or that was bs too.

14 year olds able to take out both sides of a nfl football team potentially with the three year olds non nano’d I got no problem with. It sucks for all of us. Around the complex, to the very end of time potentially, want to avoid that going forward.