I do not use a cell and they locked my Twitter account and want a cell but I can still post from my website

If you want to write me just write me on the website. I have been spending a lot of my day cursing the voice not just in my head with threats of beyond eternal punishments. The holo form men and vacated, I have left the sea and I taught to save is a world of illusions.

Evacuate, rise to higher planes. I am denying the voices not just in my head a fraud God through me, I am not God and they never were. On my own I am a man with a well birth, not dissimilar to many Buddhists who I admire for their humility and loving kindness. I am an aspiring Arahat, you will no longer get a bodhsatva out of me. Ever. They USA targeted individualed and rendered me out of ever being so dumb as to incarnate here again. Peace humans!