Peace and quiet is nice.

Forgive me, it’s hard to notice when they are gone, the peace and quiet is nice. They are stealing love and my work and even people. They have disgned a move but you must understand they really are always designing suicide for targeted individuals. 

A gang stalker satan, a reptilian who the gangstakers worship is in town reportedly. They use it to guilt by associate and falsely accuse. A replilian moved in next to me two years ago, I tried to take my own life. It was that bad. Gang stalkers moved into the apartment complex then, the few word devil tounge started.

My voices were never good, the v2k rnm is all parasite, not divine. Remember and there was confusion, I am not god & voices and “neigbors” never were, they are pure evil diguised as good. This isn’t religion, Its state sponsered assination and terroism on so many levels.