14 review being a TI: It’s all a huge lie basically but folks at really getting hurt, long term, nano human trafficking and other of what is described as the greatest sin. Republican housewives and I agree, it’s time to stop playing god with the tech over humans. Why? Because it’s satanic. Same plot to enslave every man woman and child.

The voices in my head through the v2k have always been be few word devils there really was no other world reward, was a psi op lie, and all Gods are satanic and parasites on earth, no one is ever saved, you just get recycled through the moon is my  understanding. All gods are false, they even misuse Jesus’s image on your way to memory wipes at the moon is my understanding .

I’m still alive but barely, you would rather have an arm off or lombotomy than get “annoyed”. You must understand covertly they are always trying to design a no touch suicide for targeted individuals. My roommates get replaced by shape shifters, gang stalkers flood in to ruin our lives, the devil that never shut up in our heads. It’s literally hell.

They stopped direct energy attacking my sex organs today. I’m better off alone. For over 10 years of this when I thought it was just mental illness I barely left the house, way too much Facebook tho.

I’ll never get married, have a good job (they make sure we don’t get good work) people are paid to make me look satanic when in fact if you look at the chart, it’s really them. I was never mormon, Jesus never saves and was not my Lord and savior & Buddhism taught me best how to endure the pain of satanic voices and they aren’t even gods but this is a prison for satanic gods at the same time they make us look like the criminals. We are not. I’m in hellsympathetically already, it’s not I’m going to hell, I already am there just not the fully not so dream land 4d & 5d part. You don’t want to get in there, there really is no Christian heaven and my best advice is to leave. They damn because they envy not it’s a damnation to envy as they would have you believe and at the same time remote neural monitor nano thieve away all our worth and make us slaves, steal the honor that was ours.