They nano thieve, and the “stealing of honor” I don’t fully comprehend especially for the decendants but the misdirection of satanic blame & the satanic disrespect & satanic set design & others of the greatest sin against me and the infected I do viscerally know.

They satanic top (really nothing is my God if it says it is its a fraud), cover up crimes, pay everyone off, mis sort, are set to assingate me in so many ways, design my life for homeless suicide nickel and dime the ssi I do get, direct energy rape me and other Oregonians to suicide and out of reproduction, guilt by associated, cast dispersion, take out of context, never stop lying, never stop paying people off and gaging them, never actually go back to hell  never to return, never jail my handlers and the gangs after the TI and such and so forth. I don’t believe in heaven and you don’t want to get into where I am bio hacked from. It’s hell. Direct Energy Weapons and bio hacking need to stop with me personally, stop doing it, and for the public at large.