It’s like zeugstrige or something, a natzi secret police term or something like that, they are doing it to me, have been. Hey @counterdarkness @DavidIcke. The cover ups and control of info in and out of me I underestimated.

& they are just making up reasons for harming me and others, too many others. And they have all the resources. No one honors the targeted individual, gang stalkers serve satan, I have satanic misdirection of honor and praise that is stolen and they bear false witness and direct blame at me at the same time. We are lied about and terrorized and manipulated. I have nano thieves, satanic mimics, toppers, human traffickers after us, deep state goons and more even, bio hacking me and my sex organs and to fool simple people who are not dumb they may just call it, “the neighbor”. No this is complex satanism. This is the plot to enslave every man woman & child and someone or something may be just proxy simulating the reptilian to begin with. I’m being slow kill exterminated by the feds & they may have been trying to establish crimes against creation and all this terrorism as state sponsored religion when it is really satanism and satanism is not good.

I do not have all the resources. They do. They keep going on and on about not admitting stealing. Few word talk about “getting in” and the devils don’t explain. It’s always been devils in my head, there are no angels. My life proves that. No I don’t want to get in, I want to take me out of the solar system after I leave. They steal honor, thoughts, work, people, money, websites, you name it. It’s a con. They aren’t anything, maybe on so literally it’s terrifying for how much power and energy the take from me, these parasites voices and reptilian many be simulated only, really no souls. I have satanic toppers who claim to be my God and are frauds, I have nano thieves. And they are constantly designing more torture, even invade my home. And somehow they keep “good” and allegedly who is my anti christ for this, Bush brood is cashing in maybe on mind controlled woman they derange about in my head. I do not human traffic  They keep going on and on about Bush and mislead women. I was direct energy weaponed and other means out of females entirely. My prostate attacked for 5 years likely to degrade the DNA, cause disease, birth defects. Also I use eat plugs, they have all kinds of tricks with the audio and even switched out people for this satanism, victem, survior, never perp. Timothy Darrell Young BS MPA.