Have their tried to take credit for this website yet? They are parasites, the whole slavery systems and those involved around me.

No one is going to pay you to free the slaves, no gang stalkers is going to be on the side of targeted individuals and with remote nural monitoring it makes it so even your thoughts can be stolen, not just written work. My voices were never good. And they set this whole thing up to deflect honor, steal honor, even steal other people. I’m not the human trafficker, and my handlers and team need to be killed/put in jail. I am who has been human trafficed. 

Plus they get away with it if this isn’t second earth, as far as I can tell and as deep thought will explain there isn’t a way to sue, it’s like trillions in satanism we TI are up against, this is cointelpro too. There is a lot of TI stuff done to me I am not studied in. At night they take credit for my work and communications in coming and outgoing are likely very mismatched it’s alleged. This is the feds and others and reptilian many be simulated for proxy battles so a human doesn’t have to get their hands dirty, ect. This is satanism. I want no part. Gang stalking is evil.