The devils that never shut up, and then the humans they polluted with nano the poor dears. I want them free, don’t totally know how. Satans are mimicking me at the same time falsely accusing me of satanism. They are designing a homelessness, or move. They really want me dead and like my website hidden. They steal whole people, worship. I am against human trafficking, am human trafficed too. If they are mind controlled and female they make it sure they never find me too, attack my prostate for 5 years to degrade DNA potentially.

This is a good pic, hopefully the small and dwindling gang stalker group they made me the more angel like, the mammal good soul, out to be the devil and the shape shifters with all the resources and head of those gangs, the holy angel of worship and high reguard, and the devils in heaven as I call them have had access to my thoughts for 14 years. I’m being used. They fake so much. My thoughts are read, I’m a bio hack slave of nameless nano thieves. So are a lot of others. Its the same plot to enslave every may woman and child. I don’t human traffic or infect or abduct. Satanism is successfully accusing me of its satanism and war crimes and crimes against creation. This is just one or a few gangs could be 500,000 targeted individuals like me.

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Creator, this goes way beyond gang stalking but to achieve their aim they tricked them think I was a devil & the snake devil race the good angels. I don't know what to do. My 3d sets are designed to warp views. I know to leave after death and how. I can't live with these snake devils disguised as good but are hard to comprehend so bad. There was no cell or tentacles alien, we proved that was a psi op false idol not even real god project blue beam trick. They are stealing women for long term very abusive sex slavey in the lower 4th allegedly and my miltary and government have fallen short of their duties. I can't even carry a gun in this state or could possibly kill a reptilian devil and that's all they are creator, designed to decieve, rape and pillage.

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This is what it is like being bio hacked your suffering fules well spoken liar saranism. They get high off it & steal your thoughts even.