I refuse to obey false & very painful satanic “gods” as best I can.

A set design of gangstalkers also infected, agreed in Hillsboro. The kid could not have been more 25. Human trafficking victim too, nano infected too, could hear the same slavery systems as me, presumably.

It’s really important everyone know my voices are not good, never were. I’m not God and they never were or “my neighbors” which are really just my neighbors at all. They should never be in our heads or in our homes or using direct energy weapons. It’s come to light what they do & it needs to be stopped. I fear for the future. I have lost all reproduction at time, they are exterminating the Christian souls in 2018 and paying off the luciferian, ect. It’s masked as mental illness, really never was. It’s disease like, no one should be hearing voices. It’s all been devils in my head and satans. Really it is a nuts & bolts spiritual slavery issue. A lot of evil people were just faking they were from the future, really were not.