Most people have good lives. The not so dreamlands need to pack it up, go from wenst they came. Peace mortals. Morning west coast.

I have been selected out of reproduction synthetically, my blood line, stopped in me and other TI. They are human trafficking me and others. Gangstalkers really do work for satan, a few steps removed, and at the same time they accuse. The reptilian may only be real for the hologram world. I have been programmed illegally for 14 years. It’s a real hologram reptilian did invade as far as I could tell and people are being exterminated in blue Oregon. I’m not alone, it was never just in our heads. I live on ssi, it’s not dignified and I don’t traffic people with like bio hacking. Psych wards are monitored by hell planes and records get altered. Maybe I will get some help with stopping my handlers and gangs from even exitsting. The spy cultures seem so creepy to me.

I will never marry with a demonic attachment in place. My family attacked, not just me.