Research stuff had a article on the less dense raping man woman and child, reptoids and others, across all of this place beyond space time, ect. It’s designed for suicide, part of demon position, prevents toys for reproduction use, and more diabolical things.  Can’t find the article now. Deeptoughtnews’s site, redirects to like MSN or msnbc, right now. The reptoids and others judge by wicked double standard, read up on accounts of men women and children “getting in” to the 4th and 5th dimension. They also play angels, devils and satan’s but are really NO angels, if you know better the two sides. You want to leave Earth imho. I’m so not trying to be a dog for them and they have been doing these things for don’t even know how long. I’m new, they keep you/us dense and manipulable. I feel loving kindness for the humans, and it’s 100% in the opposite of those that get high off human suffering. You would rather have an arm off than live my last 13 years. A literal parasitical being, groups of them got high off that. I never wanted that for you, so agree to disagree to the so called and what not overlords, the idea is to leave the prison anyway. In 2013 I got programming about their invasion that had occurred.

Oh and if you have heard it about me and it’s bad it’s likely a lie. They are projecting in familiar psychology terms and its a double entente with bluebeam tech and otherwise. They make up lie reasons why humans should suffer more.

The only future should be zero illegal damnations, ho hum. So, we bail of the human suffering addict crack heads. Psi is full of lie, very coercive too. Since I got infect bush election ’04, this is all it’s been. Just lie….