A little about Crimes Against Creation: #SamePlotToEnslaveEveryManWomanAndChild

How to Leave Hells You May Not Know You Are Already In


Besides the nanos infection to access my brain and body illegally, this has happened to me since 2013, it makes you suicidal. This combination does not equal God, it equals crimes against creation and I’m no reptoid, no Jesus, no Satan, not anti Christ, no devil, no angel, not Mormon, Jesus was never my lord and savior and Buddha who was just a man and a far superior lord. Also, I’m OK and resisting slavery. Don’t go the moon after death, you just get back here and everyone gets illegally damned a some point in the time travel capable future is my understanding and reptoids get high off the suffering, not me or the other infected. They all get nano’d at some point it’s not if you are good or bad and that could be incorrect data. Study deeep thought news and counter darkness and david icke on twitter.

I’m fairly smart, well education and a little wiser but I got played, illegally damned, legally disabled, if they aren’t trying to steal my website they are stealing thoughts themselves, these are war crimes, I have no god just v2k parasite nothings. His death rites never get them to heaven, just recycled through the moon. He was a good soul too, understatement. The only solutions is evacuating earth IMHO and like I said, it’s not hard. Back to Home Page.